2016 – 2019

1.  Jacketa – Gave her life to Jesus. She prayed that He would come into her life and she would follow Him.

2. Helen – Prayed for healing as she has pain all over her body.

3.  Young lady – Asked for prayer for her brother.  As we prayed she was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Nicola – Prayed for her leg, fibromyalgia pain, the pain went way.

Timothy – was in a bar in Pathos and found healing and now believes. Witnessed to God’s saving grace

A Young man – He stood attentively to the Gospel. Took details of Church he could attend. He prayed the sinner’s prayer and asked God to save him.

A Young man – He has been to Church, but has not given his life to Christ but agreed to give his life to Christ. He came back to ask how he could hear from God.  He then gave his life to the Lord.

A Lady – Prayed for her as she having some difficult experiences that Jesus would cover her.

Another Lady – Three minutes after praying for the pain in her knee she returned to say the pain was much less!

A Woman– When she was prayed for the PAIN GOES went in her shoulder!

Man in Wheelchair – He returns to say “THANK YOU!” after the prayer prayer he had a short time ago.  He got much better and no longer needs to use the wheelchair! The following week, he came back to say that he now can get a proper night’s sleep.  Grateful for healing.

Nicola – She could feeling the prayer going through her!

A Woman – She finds strength to continue in the Lord and said how she had felt the strength of God as we prayed for her.

Patience – Has a problem with her feet.  She’s unable to walk properly.  She’s been like this for a year. We prayed and she left walking much better.

A Gentleman – Pain in the arm left after being prayed for healing.  We also prayed for the fits he has.

Sonny – had a back ache and we prayed for him, his back was healed!

Woman finds freedom – A woman approached us whose posture and demeanour was of one bent over and carrying the world’s problems on her shoulders. She was prayed for and was encouraged.  Later when she approached me in the market square she was no longer bent over and her whole expression had changed.  She came back to say thanks for the encouragement and brought a card and gifts to show her appreciation.

Mircea – Gave his life to Christ!

Roy – Had stroke 10 years ago, he felt stronger after the prayer.

Julie – Today we prayed with a girl called Julie who had stomach pain. After the prayer she said the pain had gone.

Lorraine – Two weeks ago we prayed for her knee.  No pain now in her knee. We prayed for her elbow.

Sam – Later, prayed with a young guy called Sam who said he had back pain. Prayed for him and put my hand on the spot where he had indicated the pain was. After the prayer he said the pain had gone. He was smiling and appeared very pleased and was keen to take a couple of leaflets.

A Two Part Testimony

Part 1: Young Portuguese Lady – As a young Portuguese lady approached we made eye contact and rummaging in her bag she said, “It’s okay, I already have a leaflet” from a member of the Healing on the Streets team, however, she had not been offered prayer. We began to talk and she began to tell me more of her story and then she explained that it was the 1st year anniversary of her Mother’s death.  She burst into tears so I spent time consoling her and prayed with her assuring her that Jesus our Lord knew all things and dearly loved her.   Approximately an hour later she came back to find me and told me that she had gone to a Portuguese cafe in town for a drink and had thought fondly of her Mother but the dread and feelings of heaviness she had known had lifted as a result of the prayer. She had also brought a cake from the cafe in gratitude for the prayer.

Part 2: It didn’t end there…. It is wonderful how the Lord brings in his love and compassion towards us. My own daughter turned 18 on the 7th May 2017 and on the Saturday I had feelings of great sadness in my own heart that I could not be there to celebrate with my own daughter. Later much to my surprise and delight in receiving a gift of cake, that this young lady bought me, such a lovely gesture of kindness that touched my own heart.

Muslim Man –  Asked for prayer as he had pains in he body. We prayed for him and he suddenly felt a movement in his left foot, which got healed and also felt the presence of God on him.

Lady with Cancer (LOPD) – She is an artist and she felt the power of God move through her.

Sally – Prayed for her back and the pain went.  Her mother and son were astonished.  She then wanted prayer for her husband who can’t walk due to arthritis.

Sehlaphi – Had pain in the base of her spine, prayed for her and she was healed.

Group Of Teenagers – One healed of pain in the back and of headache. First one, a Latvian girl said she believed in Jesus and asked if anyone could pray. We said yes, if you believe & follow Jesus. She prayed for her friend’s pain in her back and she was healed instantly! They were all happy and excited, trying to think of other people, who were still ill.

Rosemary – Prayed for toe operation a month ago and she was healed.

Josie – Pain in womb. Not heard of the Gospel. Just given life
to Christ. Healed!