Spoke to a lady who i had prayed for her 3-4 months back and im hoping she is going to come to church.

Man with damaged knee had an operation 4 yeats ago prayed a quick prayer because he was catching a bus.

Blessed a Mum and her children with the Love of Jesus and she was touched by someone careing enough to bless her.

A quick prayer for a lady catching a bus, She has cancer.

Prayed for June, She has Arthritis in her knees very painful.

Prayed for Susana’s family to come back together.

A lady called Barb asked for pray, Pains in her shoulders.

Last time we were out there was 11 of us. We also had a Asian church join us.
There was a bike stolen from the bike rack near us. The owner (who is Asian) came back and was looking confused, because his bike wasn’t where he left it.
I got into a conversation with him and ended up praying for him. I introduced him to some of the Asian people out with us and left them chatting. When he left, he waved to me with a really big smile and thanked us.

Is it worth coming out going through all the doubt in our own minds? You better believe it is!

I got into a conversation with a lady who was walking her dog and she was very concerned about the dog. I offered to pray for her dog and she accepted, when I finished she also accepted prayer. Before hand she didn’t accept prayer and thought it unnecessary, but she then understood the blessing on the dog, so accepted a blessing herself.

I was like “billy no mates” on Saturday, talked to a few but prayed for no-one. Others out with us were doing great; Sid spoke to one fella for about 25 mins. Marie prayed for 3, telling me she’s not a natural evangelist, and I know others prayed for people.
Be great to see more friends again.

It was wonderful on HOTS yesterday. Lovely weather, praying for several people, joined by a singing Asian church and other Christians with beautiful banners. I felt I could have gone on all day. Sid got us to pray for one another b4 we went out. ? Sorry to hear you’re not well Dave ?, get well soon.

There was 6 of us who went out last week. I knew 5 of the 6 people. I later found out the sixth person was the wife of a pastor in Ukraine. Tatania said she really enjoyed being with us and is hoping to come out again.

It’s always a great time with our Saviour.
Sid prayed for a man with a hernia 3 times, on the third time, the hernia went. So one of God’s miracles. We met and spoke to many I prayed for 3. I know that others also prayed for people.

What an amazing time we had last week. People are open to being talked to And prayed for.
If you haven’t been out for a while, come, the lost need you.
Last week I personally prayed for three people within 15 minutes of getting to the market square and spoke to many more. The rest of the team had the same reaction.
The Queen’s funeral has opened eyes. We will be out on the streets tomorrow morning, Saturday 8th October around 10am, meeting at All Saints coffee shop.

As we were singing in the market place Saturday morning, the man sitting close to me from Finedon who had come out shopping with his wife (not Christians) came to us and encouraged us by saying that “the singing had lifted the spirits of the people there – keep going!”. Thank you Lord! ??

I hope everyone had a good time. I was talking to a homeless Chinese woman for ages called Chang. Chang heard my testimony which was a privilege to give. Please pray for her. Many blessings

The harvest is HUGE and RIPE. But there are not enough harvesters to bring it all in. As you go plead with the owner of the harvest to thrust out many more reapers to harvest his grain. Matthew 9 v 37-38 TPT.

A Lady Name Brandie with Cancer She was in a Hurry to catch her bus but would like to be prayed for. So Please Reminder her in your prayer

I woke up that morning with the impression of a full term womb carrying a baby. I had nothing else so just wrote on a piece of paper the date and what i had ‘seen’ . During the morning I saw a heavily pregnant mum with her husband and ran over to tell her God had highlighted her to me. She was dismissive at first but as I talked about God’s love for her and how he wanted to bless her and her baby her face softened. I then found myself saying ‘your baby is going to be ok’. She looked moved and happily received a flyer about God’s love.

Prayed for a mum to go back tochurch to find the happiness our Saviour give peole

Joe and phemi prayed to build their frendship closer

A young lady at Uni prayed for peace in her exams.

Prayed for a young mum and dad with a young child, I asked had anyone blessed them about the birth of their new child they seemed confused but also wanted to know more so a quick chat and reassurance we prayed for them all, The Holy Spirit descended upon the mum, She was in tears and grateful for the prayer.

An elderly lady who referred to herself as a naughty girl and Loves the Lord
Tina who is looking for a Bible school. We will follow her up with information.
Hannah. A believer who has a knee injury and due to go to have it seen to at the hospital. Sid prayed for divine healing.
The young lady in red who  stopped and who we felt drawn to. Greg walked across and gave her the word that God is seeking her out.
A young lady from Zimbabwe who is a Christian
Janina, a Romanian young lady with poor English but she seemed to understand that we were pointing her to God.
Stan Slav. A man from Moldova who is an atheist.
A Romanian man called Aidan.

We have a small worship team who come out once a month with their guitars and as they were singing this happened – As we were singing in the market place Saturday morning, the man sitting close to me from Finedon who had come out shopping with his wife (not Christians) came to us and encouraged us by saying that “the singing had lifted the spirits of the people there – keep going!”. Thank you Lord! ??

Have a great anointed time on the street, light-bearers. We will be in Cheshire doing an auction. Had a great scripture the other day. (Go and rescue the perishing! Be their savior! Why would you stand back and watch them stagger to their death? And why would you say, ” But it’s none of my business”?proverbs 24 v 11-12 TPT ?

l speak to a lovely young man. Musa from Sudan. He was rushing to work. Please pray for him and his family ???. He Live in here.

Had a chat with David he’s not sure he belives but suggested he talks to Jesus and asks if He is real.

Marsher asked for spiritual guidence

Stephen and Dalo married a month and ask God to point them to the right church. There are a Romanian Family

Daughter ask for pray her dad Damien

A lot of times we are asked to pray for Mum or Dad and a daughter with her daughter wanted prayer for her mum. Her mum was lonely and used to go to church so she asked for pray that her mum would go back to church to make new friends I suggested she could enjoy meeting Jesus again which she agreed with

Prayed for a young couple he is from America and she is from England taht there friendship grows

Prayed for a recovering alcoholic that the Lord continues to strengthen him and give him a resolve to cartry on.

One of the great things going  out on the streets has taught me is I can speak to people any day of the week. We were on holiday on the Isle of Wight and we pulled up on the seafront, when a tired mum pushing her child in a pram to get her to sleep, she went up and down 2-3 times then crossed the road getting more and more irritated. I couldn’t stand it anymore I got out of the car to go and talk to her and offer to pray for her child it would have been yes or NO and i got a yes because she was exhausted so i prayed for the child for a short while then prayed for mum, mum carmed down slightly so did the child. Mum then told us she was a christian and thanked us for praying

When I got to the car park, there was a young couple with a newborn trying to pay for parking, I couldn’t help it. I asked if they went to a mums and tots group which they didn’t but wanted to know more so I told them a lot of churches held them. Just as we were about to part I asked had anybody blessed them and their little one the answer was no so I asked if I could blessed them with a quick pray, they were hesitant but said yes so i prayed for the family and they were so pleased, the man said he was in the army and always enjoyed the chaplains talks so i suggested he looked up “The Alpha Course” on the internet. We parted company and it showed me we could talk to anyone anywhere about our Saviour in a blessed way.

A man with marriage issues who wanted pray about it,  he felt his wife was getting into darkness so we asked our Lord Jesus to release His Light apon the marrage

We bless a couple who had a little one and who was also pregnant with there second child, we had great pleasure in blessing them all

A mum came over to us and asked for one of our fliers which her daughter wanted which we gave her and in the conversation we asked if there was anything she would like pray for she explained her husband had a sist on his liver so we asked our Lord to remove it.

Femie asked us to pray for a new job so we asked the Lord to provide it.

Violent temper Prayed for someone with a violent temper who had served time in prison and he was grateful for the pray.

Two ladies who are going to uni in Northampton asked the Lord to carm them as they were taking there exams, both felt blessed and thank us for the prayers

George wanted prayer for the Lord to give him the strength to forgive someone who he finds hard to forgive

Prayed for two girls both wanted prtection and guidence over thier lives

Dawn looking after mum wna ted pray for herself and mum

Prayed – for a couple who just agreed to marry each other that morning really exciting

Ellie – Prayed that the Lord surprises her

Daniel – is 19 we prayed for protection

Rosemary – Lost her Mum and Dad that had been her strength. Prayed that the lord strengthen her and to live in her purpose.

Jake – Had a knee problem, prayed and spoke to him about Jesus (he is seeking) and to read the Bible.

7th September

R –  A teenager, was very open, had a great chat and she took a booklet about Christianity.

Griesis – Prayed for them

Tony – Had kidney cancer, prayed for him

Divorced Man – 65 years old. He is haunted by the suicide of his 43 year old daughter “Jesus is a man of sorrows acquainted with grief” that he is with him.

Homeless Man – Gave him a cereal bar, prayed a blessing over him, prayed that Jesus will help feed him & young lady came by much later with coffee & goodies to eat. This is our God working for this homeless man.

Anne – Prayed a special prayer. Felt God was saying pray for her, not knowing she was having a spiritual attack on her life. She had a fit, seizure. so we prayed for covering.

10th August

Andrew – Prayed for his back to be healed, which it was after praying twice. He said he thinks God is speaking to him as he had had other encounters.

Sarah – She had fallen out of a van the day before and injured her knee and ankle. After praying 3 times the pain went. Suggested she talk to God herself when she got home.

Jean – Prayed for pain in her right leg. The pain went and she felt better. Also prayed for her breathlessness, however that wasn’t healed. Gave her a leaflet to read on the bus home.

3rd August

Lady – She had OCD and pain in her shoulder and knee. Prayed for her and she said her knee was better and that she felt better.

6th July

Hayle – prayed to change her life and new friends.

Marion – Prayed for a new knee and for her husband Richard.

Haley – Prayed for a good man.

16th June

Riley – Was so attentive as he wants to believe in Jesus, after preaching to him, he said he’s gonna have a go, prayed that he has an encounter of salvation.

8th June

Romeo – Feeling very low and suicidal, needs prayer.

Ann – Asked for prayer for her brother Arthur.

20th April

Hamid – Prayed for his daughter who had a bad chest.

Ometa – Prayed for pain and confusion in her head, thanked us greatly for praying.

Linda – Prayed for Arthritis, thankful for prayer.

Paul – Prayed for terminal cancer.

Netty – Prayed for her wrist.

Russels – Doesn’t believe in God, spoke to him and at the end he really want to give his life to God. He said he is going have a God.

Man – Prayed for him as he had an operation in the left foot. The pain is still there. He is a man of Christian faith. He walked away believing for his total recovery.

Sarah – She lost her faith because of her dad that passed away. After speaking to her about the love of God towards her, she started crying and by the grace of God will come back to Christ.

Lady – Prayed for he arthritis and the stroke she had.

Mariama (Muslim) – She had an open mind to Jesus.

Pablo & Family (Spanish) – Prayed for God’s blessing.

Alex – Prayed for a job.

Jim – Prayed for healing from arthritis.

Rama – Prayed for healing from arthritis.

Liz’s Friend – She has Cancer of the stomach and encourage her to be strong. God is a healer.

Mary – A Christian many hurts and condemnation prayed with her and she went away smiling and seemed changed.

Tyler – He believed in Jesus Christ but because of what he was going through in his life made him an unbeliever, with the discussion we had, he promised to set his heart right again with the Lord, Praise God!

O – Believes in God but not Jesus and not heaven and hell, prayed to him and now believes. Praise God!

Ryan – Doesn’t believe in God but he believes, if he does good, he will inherit the kingdom of God. Spoke to him saying that he had to believe. He confirmed that he will think about it.

13th April

Kaman – Initially opposed speaking with him but with the help of the Holy Spirit, he stayed, listened and even exchanged contact details to keep in touch. He believes in God but wants to know more about God.

16th March

Jack – Prayed to break his addiction on drugs

Two Young Ladies – Brought up in a Christian background, haven’t been going to church for a while, reignited the flame.

Couple – From London to preach in local area, talked with them about local churches.

Niamh – Had a really good talk with this young girl of about 20.  Her brother is a Christian and has obviously been praying for her.  Gave her a booklet which answers the most important questions about Jesus.
Sasha & Ashley – Talked to these 2 teenagers about the Lord. They were very open and both took a gospel leaflet to read at home.
Ros – A Christian woman who asked me to pray for her painful finger. She said she would pray for our team!
Kate – prayed with her, upon her request, for her sister, Mary, who suffers from dementia, and her neice, Natalie, who suffers from depression. I gave her a tract to give to her neice.

9th March

Roy – He knows Jesus and has a good knowledge about God. Brought up in a Seven Day Adventist home but due to what is happening to him recently he’s losing his faith doubting if God cares about him. Talked with him as he was really touched.

Rahoul & Rahmon (Hindus) – Prayed for them. They were very open.

Said & Amelia  – A Young Muslim Couple. Spoke to them, Said was very open and he took a leaflet to read at home.

2nd March

Young Couple – Spoke and prayed for their soul to sleep through the night.

Georgina – A student form Warwick University raising money for meningitis. Various spiritual beliefs, I prayed that she would know Jesus.

Craig – spoke with him, he is a Christian and needs more understanding about trinity.

A Mormon -received the news very well that Jesus had received a place in heaven for him.

Brett (Homeless Man) – Prayed for him and took him through the sinners prayer and talked to him about Jesus’ love.

16th January

Andrew’s Sister – asked for prayer for Andrew who is about to have heart surgery (bypass), he is 40.

Daria – asked for blessing for family. She is going to talk to Forefront Church to send her man to Army Fitness training.

Gentleman – Prayed and talked about the Bible and God’s Word, wanted prayer for Love of God to live in him.

Yusuff – He went to learn the way as a little confused about Jesus. He is a muslim but still want to show him the way, the truth and the life.

Amelia – she didn’t know much about God, her heart, is open to learn more about God, her heart is open to learn more about him.

Jordan – A young lady, who is a searcher, her boyfriend is catholic. She is praying she finds the truth and real salvation in her search.

Gailon – Young lad, hippy type background shared gospel with him and prayed for God to reveal himself to him and his love. Very open to prayer.

Nancy – Prayed for her as she had very bad arthritis all over, especially in her left hand. pray for healing for her hand and then for her whole body.

Scottish Girl – Prayed for her as she had lost lots of family members due to cancer. She has withdrawn from the Lord because she is angry. Pray her relationship with the Lord is restored.

Chinese Man & his Son James – Prayed they find Jesus.

9th January

Lady – Thinking about going back to church.

Macia – Need God guidance and help to get a passport.

Michael – Prayed for back pain – very open to the gospel.

Isabel  & Paige – Shared the gospel with them and they took a gospel leaflet – very open.

Justin – We preached to him, he believes in God that he created us, he just need to trust his purpose why he is on the earth.

17th November

Emlin – needed prayer.

Aaron – He knows about Jesus but wants to know more.

Shannon – Having stress, we prayed for her.

20th October

Young Boy – Prayed for him to give up drinking and to be filled up with Christ.

An Elderly Lady – Wanted to right to show sign or to talk about God. She began to share, how she was raised by nuns who abused her badly. We spoke about the love of God & told her, we all have a choice in life regardless, God loves her and Jesus died for her and one day he will return. It’s up to us to choose.

Rosemary – Prayed for her back pain & rebuked it.

Joseph – Prayed for him as he had a stye on his eye.

19th March 2016

Alex – He is a Christian, goes to Church and reads Bible rarely, needs prayer for him to be reconnected with God.

Valdis (Latvian/German) – Prayed for them.

Ketishen – Believed more in scientology – by end of conversation – accepted prayer and blessing and asked God to show Himself to him – Nancy.

Elba – She came from India recently. a friend of hers had introduced her to Christ and presented her with a Bible.  She needs a divine encounter of salvation for her to be saved completely.

Two Young Men – Suggested going to Church.

Women New To Northampton – They are Seeking A Church – Pleased to have information.

Two Ladies – Prayed for help with their studies.

Vin – Prayed for him as he needed a blessing.

Lady – Chatted to her.

20th February 2016

Carol – She lost husband and turned her back on the Lord.

Sheila – Prayed for her heart problem.

Maureen – She has a chest problem. Prayed for healing.

Chris – Prayed for his hip and the food bank.

Diana – She had depression in family.  Prayed for and she is now helping in ministry.

Cynthia – God gave on of the ministers on the streets a dream regarding her and we were able to tell her the dream.

Wole – Prayed for supernatural breakthrough.

Kev – Has Mental health issues.  Prayed for work and traumas.

Lady – Prayed for her.  She is looking at Catholic faith.

Susan – Recovering from breast cancer.  Prayed for her and also her son’s paper work and stuff for him coming into the UK to look after her.

Angelina  – Has Cancer and estimated 3 years to live. We prayed after she left.

Mark – Prayed for healing for right leg.

Cynthia – Prayed for a blessing.

Nathan – Prayed for him.

Robert – He is a physicist and partially believes in God and science but he wants the truth. Prayed that God would reveal Himself to him to learn the truth so he can be free.

6th February 2016

Karen – Prayed for a new job and for her family.

Lucas (Young Lad) – He has never been to Church.  Prayed that Jesus would reveal Himself to him.

Jenny – A prayer of blessing on her and her family.

Christian & Christiana (Romanian) – Prayed a blessing.

Dawn & Terry – Tony is in hospital with ulcerated legs – prayed for healing.

Francis – Prayed fill him with the love of the Holy Spirit.

Millie & Owen (Young Couple) – As we prayed with them God spoke to us on the streets and we got the knowledge, that God was pleased with them and was already evident in their lives. May God continue to bless their lives and grow in their understanding of where He is leading them.

Rathida – Prayed for work for her.

Rachel  – Prayed for strength and to find her faith. Also prayed for her sister Sara who is going through it.

Belinda – Prayed for her as she is as a believer who has a lot of struggles going on in her life.

Helen – Prayed for a Muslim woman, for God to bless her life, know Jesus more and be used powerfully by Him.

David – Prayed for all his idols to be cast down, know the love of Christ and be born again and know the Lord for himself.

Marcia – Prayed for her as she came from West Indies 10 years ago but has never been to Church since.  She feels the need to go, to stir herself to go. Prayed for encouragement from the Lord for her to make the decision.  She does know and love the Lord, just needs to act!

Jo – He will be a forerunner in his generation.  Prayed that God gives him more understanding of changing cultural times and be a help to others in his generation and to understand and adjust to change. A unique individual, leader.

Trish – An atheist and an animal Rights Activist.  Prayed that she finds Jesus.

16th January 2016

Rachel & Greg – Prayed for blessing over them.

Young lady – Blessed by the Holy Spirit.

George (Romanian) – Interested in going to Church, Took a leaflet.

Sharon – Prayed for her as she asks for directions to do God’ work and also for travelling mercies as she drives a family in need.

Donald – Prayed for good heath.

3rd December 2015

Sheila – Prayed for healing on her left ear.

Tina  – Prayed for blessing on her. She knows God but doesn’t go to Church.

Wayne – Had a stroke and has loss of speech, memory. Has a limp.

Mum & Child – Prayed a blessing over them.

Reucfe – Prayed for depression.

Mum & Daughter – Prayed for cough.

Paige – Prayed a blessing.

Brian – Prayed that the Holy Spirit would touch him.

Alesha  – Prayed to get into University.

Man whose Son died last year aged 6 – Believes son is with God because signs he has had.

Woman whose elderly father has just passed away. Prayed for peace and comfort during this Christmas.

Leon – Prayed for a job and his tendons in his ankles.

Amanda – Prayed for spinal problems.

Vincent – Prayed for God’s blessing and an encounter with him.

Amanda – Patient from a mental home who needs to read Bible. (We gave the word of reading the Bible)

Bill – Prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Steven – Prayed for healing from mental illness.

Peter – Prayed for him to be Filled of the Holy Spirit.

Joyce – She has had a stroke and her daughter Sharmane has a condition which makes her unable to work, Prayed with them.

Angilina (Greek Orthadox) – Asked the Lord to reawaken his love in her. She is going to phone and find a church.

Joseph – Prayed for him as he had a stye on his eye.

21st November 2015

Mark –  Searcher, knows lots of Catholic facts, he heard the gospel of Love.  Prayed with him.

Pete – He is polish, invited him to Heart @ Jesus Centre. Had been to language café – can hardly speak English.

Kerry  – A 17 years old, prayed for friend. Looking for a Church local to her.

Peter –  He is Polish, prayed for a deeper experience.

Sue – Wanted prayer for arthritis and pain in body, she was thankful.

Kim  – Chinese, He knew his Bible well but didn’t believe in the trinity and was sceptical about life after death.

John  – (Romanian) Prayed for salvation  and emotional healing.

Agnostic Person – Understands we need to stand together.

2nd January 2016

Will – Needs an encounter with God.

Jan – A Young man from Greece who received the Gospel but too shy to pray.

Amy – Asked for prayer for the rest of the family to know Jesus.

Carl  – Just got custody with daughter. Prayed for panic attacks and provisions.

Valentin, newly arrived from Romania – A Christian looking for a Church to go to.  Signposted him to a nearby Church, to the evening meeting there.

A Romanian Gentleman – Looking for a job during the day.  He works nights but wants to change the times.

Joseph, a Greek Orthodox believer – Wants to arrange a meeting between his Priest at St Anne’s Church and some of the congregation and some of the Healing on the Street team members so that his Church can hear more!

A lady suffering from stress – Prayed that she would know God’s peace in her life.

A guy – Asked us to pray for his father.

A lad –  Asked for prayer that he would find somewhere to live.

Another Guy – Muscular deterioration from right shoulder down to the hand.  Prayed for healing. Encourage him to receive healing prayer regularly.

Muslim man – He was spoken to about Jesus and promises to read the Bible.  If he is convinced he’ll accept Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

Two atheists – Were spoken to were a bit more convinced and were going to think about Jesus a bit more.

Edwin – Needs a job and a church in Milton Keynes.  Prayed for him to come back to the Lord.

Cain – Needing shelter and to return to Jesus and get attached to a Church.

A Young Man – Spoke to him and led him to the Lord. Amen!

Woman – she was fearful of what’s happening in the world, we prayed for her and her children’s protection in light of what’s going on in the world. She received peace and left happy.

Christine –  She gave her life to God as she accepted Jesus as her Lord and personal Saviour.  Praise God!

A Lady from Kettering – Has concerns about young people in universities and college as to the influences they receive there. Prayed and she left feeling better.

A Student – they were upset about friendships, we prayed for her and encouraged her to give her troubles to the Lord and to find the Holy Spirit as her friend.

Prayed for a 10 year old  – who wants to serve the Lord and have wisdom about being a Christian at school.

A Man – he is wanting to know that God is real, prayed that Jesus would reveal Himself to him.

Students – were taking exams, asked to be prayed for.

Helen and child – Carol – Aron – Mum & child.

A Christian Lady – asked for prayer for their family to stay together.

A Lady – she is in pain and needs a knee replacement – prayed for her and she had less pain.

Mother & Daughter – Had a good talk about Jesus with them.

Young man – he is hungry to know the Lord, prayed he would find a living relationship with the Lord.

A man who had been in an accident where some people had been killed – finds it hard to forgive the driver but we prayed that in time he will be ready to forgive.

A lady doubled over with osteoporosis – Spent time listening to her and talking and she thanked me for noticing her and spending time with her.

Two Young Men – Shared the Gospel and were open and interested, and asked questions.

Young Man from Greece – Very open and interested in getting to know Jesus.  He was directed to a Church and given a John’s Gospel.

Young Girl – Wanted prayer to find forgiveness towards her ex boyfriend. She was encouraged and decided that she would start going back to Church to find the way ahead in her life.

Three Lads – They heard what Jesus can do for them and are prayed for, they decide to go to Church and hear more about the Bible and who Jesus is and what He can do.

Jim – Prayed for him to know the fullness of God’s saving grace in Jesus as he faces a situation.

Katherine – Needs to find forgiveness and justice and fairness in a family tragedy.

Graham – He is just out of prison needs a place to stay, also needs to know that God is real.

Georgina – Prayed for her to get a job.

Velma – Prayed for her health and her lungs.

Lucy & her children – Prayed for their health.

Alliyah – For her health and safety on her bike.

Pat – About her x-ray report.

Mike – Searching for the truth, prayed the Lord would reveal Himself to him.

Sam & Sarah – Getting married in July, prayed for them.

Denny – Open to the Lord – prayed for him as life is in a mess.

Eva – For her Pastor to come out on the streets.

Riana – Went to church with her Grandparents, prayed that she would find Jesus.

Amelia – For all the children, prayed they would come to know the Lord.

Diana – For healing and provision in all her difficulties.

Anne – For her swollen ankle and family conflict.

Habby – For direction in her life.

Suzannah – For healing having lost 2 children.

Dorothy (91yrs old) – Prayed for financial freedom, God’s care and protection.  After the prayer she said she felt 10 years younger.

Blanche – For healing on her back.

Maria (Romania) – Prayed for a job.

Josephine – For God’s blessing on her life. She’s going to start up a new cell group.

Matthew – Although under the influence of alcohol, prayed for him.

Angela – For a woman in her mid-forties troubled with schizophrenia and for her son Miles, returning from University for Christmas at home.

Patrick – For a relationship with Jesus.

Cyril – Shared a prophetic word over his own healing from Psalm 41 verse 3.

Adrian – An atheist I prayed that God would reveal himself to Adrian during this week.

Theressa – Due to go back on chemotherapy this week, prayed for her healing.

Wendy – Prayed for slipped disc.

Gwynedd – Ex follower now a humanist accepted prayer for her friend Dorothy in Bethany Home.

Shelia – Prayed for healing in her ear.

Tina – Prayed for blessing on her doesn’t go to church.

Wayne – He is a Stroke victim, prayed for loss of speech, memory & limp.

Mum & Child – For a blessing.

Kane – Homeless 19yr old.  Prayed for new life, new start and Sid prophesied that he would be used to help others.

Sheila – For her husband William who is having a prostate cancer operation and has long problems with lungs.  Prayed for complete healing.

Victor (Bulgaria 19yrs old) – he is searching in all religions.  Prayed he’d find Jesus.

Lady with COPD, arthritis and muscle pains – asked us to pray for her.

Lady – whose mother’s house had burned down.

Mary – Lost her husband to diabetes but seeking something new.  Prayed for her to focus on God.

Michelle – Prayed for her to make the right decision.

Lucy & Esther – Prayed for them as they are taking their A levels.

Alec – His grandma is ill, prayed for her.

Margaret – Prayed for peace in her family.

Elisia – Split up from her husband, prayed for her and the two children.

Neil – Prayed for healing of his cancer.

Juliette – Prayed for a blessing on her.

Monica – Prayed healing for her on her marriage break up.

Andrew – Prayed for healing for his hips.

Tracey – Prayed for her physical healing.

Phyllis – Prayed for healing.

Jimmy – Prayed for the problems he’s having with the neighbours.

Abbi & Sophie – Prayed for them as they taking a cooking exam.

Oolmi – Prayed for good health.

Roy – Prayed for his arthritis in his left knee.

Olou – Prayed for a blessing for him.

Pete – Prayed for healing of arthritis in his right knee.

Amsley – Prayed for help in his degree.

Lady from Romania – Prayed for healing for distress after her divorce.

Emilia – Prayed for a job and her family.

Richard – Prayed for encouragement for him.

Nun Carol – Prayed for her and her community as they transition into a new season and fresh anointing for healing as they minister in the care home.

Lee and family – Prayed for them about job, home and schools.

Bev – Prayed for health for her sister and Dad.

Stevan – Prayed for completing of healing.

Bill – Prayed for healing – has Parkinson’s disease.

Harry – Prayed for healing for his Granny Annie who has cancer in her bones.

Adde – Came for prayer – he’s at Uni.

Devon – Prayed he would integrate into the local neighbourhood.

Qurratu – Prayed for his son and family.

Jules – Prayed for her mental health and family.

Lorraine – Prayed for her severe asthma and possible autism.

Brenda & Maddie – Prayed for arthritis in knees and shoulder.

Sarah & Sam – Prayed for them getting married soon.

Anne – Prayed for her swollen ankles after a fall downstairs and for her son’s partner.

Nicole – Prayed for a new job.

Letticia & Samuel – Living and working in different countries, prayed they’d be able to live and work in the same country.

Susannah – Prayed for healing having lost 2 children in infancy.

Owen – Prayed for him to keep his roof over his head after his Mother is taken to live in a care home.

Mike – A seeker, prayed he finds Jesus.

Habby – Prayed for direction in her life.Rebecca – Prayed for her to pass her Army fitness.

Emma – Prayed for a black and white motor bike.

Hannah – Pray for clean drinking water for people in Africa.

Sid (Agnostic) – Prayed for him.

Sheila – Prayed for her heart problems.

Tony – Prayed that he gets a full time long term job.  Gave thanks to God for his new accommodation.

Maria and son Jasper – Prayed for a blessing on her family.

Lina, a mum from Lithuania – Prayed that she finds a deeper faith and fellowship with other Lithuanians in the Church.

Glennis – Prayed for her cornea as she is going blind.  Prayed for peace and joy in her life and failing that for God to completely heal her.

Naomi from Hungary – Encouraged her to go to a Mums & Tots, she was very keen but because of her poor English, she said she would get her husband to explain.

Tracey – Her son, Jordan  is undergoing Chemotherapy, prayed for strength and that God would give her peace.

Kinga a young Romanian – We talked, she has only been here 3 months, prayed with her to help her find God in this difficult time.

Aida – Prayed that her stomach pain gets better.

Dorothy – Prayed for her daughter-on-law Debbie, who has recently been bereaved.  Prayed for peace, reassurance and to know God’s love.

Chris & June – Prayed for full and complete healing a week ago, ‘everything has gone down  hill since then’!

Nikki – brought up in a Christian school, received prayer for a blessing from God.

Mavis – Prayed that God gives her clarity of vision & purpose so that she understands and follows His will for her life.

James (Father) & Joshua (Son) – Looking for love and protection of God.

Glenis Catholic – Prayed for cataract to go.

Man from Belfast – Asked me to pray for his dogs (grey hounds) to win the  races, he laughed and said he would follow Him (Jesus) if he won.

Helen – She was having a problem in her stomach, possible birth symptom. We also prayed for her daughter who is also pregnant.

Lady with Cancer (LOPD) – She is an artist,  she felt the power of God move through her.

Young Lady – Prayed for family to be united and for order in her home.

Grace – We prayed for her well-being.

Jack – Asked for prayer for his daughter who is not well with Tonsillitis so we prayed for healing.

Joe and Kierran – They listened intensely wanted to know more about Jesus, we were with them quite a lot of time. We prayed the seed of Jesus fall on fertile ground and be fruitful.

Stephanie – Going for a doctor’s appointment today needed pray.

A Lady – Said “I am coming back to church, I want to follow The Lord”.

Christopher & Michael – Michael goes to church but has had a stroke and a heart attack. Christopher needs to find Jesus.

George – Didn’t believe in Jesus Christ but believed in God, he promised to believe in Jesus and accept him as Lord and saviour but he says he needs some time.

Joseph – He us heard by the passing of his dad, he says if God is good, kind & great, why couldn’t he save his Dad? After a long talk, he says he will pray for forgiveness and will accept Jesus as his saviour.

Resley – He is a Christian, but he says he needs more strength and inner power to work for God more than ever, to do his will.

Jean – Has a broken heart, we prayed for her.

Louise – Wants more of God’s love, she was prayed for.

Henry and his wife – Prayed for a blessing from God in their lives.

David – His faith has slipped so we prayed for a return to his faith and love for Jesus.

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