2015- 2019

Emma – Lovely Lady whose stomach pain was healed.

Bulgarian Lady with many questions in her heart – needs to meet Jesus on a personal level and find Him answering her questions and longings.

God shows up! – Thursday, 1st March 2018: It was snowing and bitterly cold. I had to turn up just in case a minister wanted to go out on the streets. I was in the chapel at All Saints on my own and praying to The Lord, telling Him I would go out for just 15 minutes to see what He wanted me to do and who He wanted me to meet. So I went. Then after 4-5 minutes I got a text from a minister who had never been out before, Father Oliver from All Saints saying he could make it today. The snow was drifting across the market square, so we walked into “Market Walk” covered shopping centre.  As we gave out the fliers we ‘accidentally’ met the Centre Manager who told us to put our fliers into their flier racks that are around this site. God’s in charge!  We went onto the Grosvenor Centre spoke a few people and prayed for a Catholic couple.I turned up reluctantly for 15 mins. He (our Saviour) turned it into one hour of splendour!

Caspe (Latvia) – He was handing leaflets out for a circus. We prayed that he would be delivered from the desire to smoke and that he would be filled with the holy spirit. we anointed him with oil and he felt different.

Cripple – Prayed for him and he left his crutches and walked

Ray and Muriel – Prayed for them as they have been married for 50 years this year!

Two young men (Tommy & Geo) – Prayed that they may know the Lord. As we prayed, they felt his presence.

Amy and Faye – Students, prayed for them as they take their ‘mocks’.

Jackie – Prayed for her knee.

Mum and infant – Prayed for them. Recently baptised at Mum’s church.

Mum and Auntie  – Prayed for a blessing

An Atheist – took ‘Why Jesus?’ booklet after chatting to him.

Two women – looking for peace. Prayed they would find the peace of God in their lives.

A lady – is blaming God for her son’s suicide.  He had mental health problems all his life. Her husband has switched off and she can’t sleep.  Prayed that Jesus would meet them in their anguish and bring healing to their broken hearts.

Young Man – had been baptised aged 14 but hasn’t been to Church for a while. Keep praying for him.

Homeless man – Prayed that God would help him and keep him safe on the streets.

John – Prayed that he would find a job.

Prayed that arthritis in the shoulder would be healed.

A Man – Prayed for continued pain in his leg after a car accident 20 years ago.

A lady – Knew God as a friend but had lost touch with Him because He hadn’t answered her prayers.  Having prayed for her she said she would re-unite herself with God.

Muslim Man – Had a conversation with him, encouraged him to pray for the truth about Jesus asking Him to reveal Himself to him.

Lorraine – asked for prayer for her elbow and knee, her daughter and her brother. She’s been for prayer before and comes again for more.

A Lady – Spoke to her about Jesus coming back.  She was concerned with the world.

Sarah – Asked the Lord for a job for her.

A Family – prayed for them to discover who Jesus is. Prayed for them to know Jesus personally having only known Him through RE (Religious Education) at school.  Prayed that this Christmas something deeper will happen in their lives. 

Ronnie – is open and searching for God. Prayed that something real would happen.

A Mother  – She hadn’t realised that God is REAL, until she received prayer.

Sharon – She has internal bleeding and has been in and out of hospital. Prayed for her healing.

A 3 week old baby and her mother – Prayed for them.

Penny – Wants to come back to Church. Prayed for her anxieties go.

Shannon – Prayed for healing on her leg.

Janet – Prayed for her.

Heline – Asked for prayer for her husband who nearly died twice last year.

A homeless man – Wants God to give him wisdom and to help him in his situation.

Rodica – needs to know about God, she believes in science.

Sylvia – Prayed for her.

Mum & Tot – Blessing was brought to them.

A Man from Austria – Prayed for on behalf of his brother who has recently had a heart attack. Felt peace after prayer.

A Lady – Wanted peace as her father is suffering from bladder cancer and also migraine headache.  She felt peace.

A Woman  – Prayed for her wrist after an operation.  She was very grateful and was overwhelmed with tears.

Luke – asked for prayer for health for himself.

Young expectant Mother – Prayed for her.

A Mother – She has just given birth to twins and has breast cancer.  Prayed for healing.

A Brother – Has mental health problems. He was prayed for.

A Lady – Prayed for her business.

A Man – Prayed for him to find his wife.

Never prayed in her life – Young girl asked for prayer for a family where the lady had just died.  She had never prayed in her life but was glad to be prayed for and was grateful.

Relieved of sorrow – As a young Portuguese lady approached we made eye contact and rummaging in her bag she said, “It’s okay, I already have a leaflet” from a member of the Healing on the Streets team, however, she had not been offered prayer. We began to talk and she began to tell me more of her story and then she explained that it was the 1st anniversary of her Mother’s death.  She burst into tears so I spent time consoling her and prayed with her assuring her that Jesus our Lord knew all things and dearly loved her.   Approximately an hour later she came back to find me and told me that she had gone to a Portuguese cafe in town for a drink and had thought fondly of her Mother but the dread and feelings of heaviness she had known had lifted as a result of the prayer. She had also brought me a cake from the cafe in gratitude for the prayer.

Two Chinese Students – new to Northampton prayed for them and invited to Sunday meeting.

It didn’t end there… – It is wonderful how the Lord brings in his love and compassion towards us. My own daughter turned 18 on the 7th May 2017 and on the Saturday I had feelings of great sadness in my own heart that I could not be there to celebrate with my own daughter.  Then later much to my surprise and delight in receiving a gift of cake that this young lady bought me, such a lovely gesture of kindness that touched my own heart.

Laura – She is waiting for a hip replacement, Prayed for her and for her family situation and the issues with her rent.

Rachael – Had a migraine, prayed for her and her confidence to going to Church.

Jamie – Had a  broken leg, prayed for physical healing.  He shared his story as a recovering heroin addict.

Elaine – Her son is an alcoholic , prayed for peace and strength for her.

Claire – Has arthritic knee, prayed for healing.

David – Prayed that God would bless him in his work situation.

Lorraine – Has COPD and arthritis, prayed for healing.

Joanne – Has diabetes, Prayed for her.

Julie – Prayed for her hip operation and healing for her lower back

Nicole – Prayed for a new job

Leticia & Samuel – She is living and working in Spain, He is in Northampton. Prayed they’d both have meaningful work in the same city / town.

Owen’s Mum – His mum is going into a home, prayed for her and for his accommodation issues.

Julia – She has many illnesses, prayed for her. She will come back next week.

Marie-Anne – Prayed for a blessing on her life.

Charlie – Prayed for his work.

Child-minder – Prayed for a blessing for her and the children.

Trina – Prayed for her to come through cancer.

Rita – Going through chemo therapy, prayed for her.

Elaine – Prayed for her knee.

Ady – Prayed that the Lord would reveal Himself.

Lady from Lithuania – She gave her life to the Lord and was directed to a Church near to where she lives.

Charlotte – She was open and has a Christian friend, Prayed for her.

John & Dorothy – Prayed for a blessing.

Alexander – Prayed for work in London.

Linsey – Prayed for her to know more about Jesus.

Laura – Prayed for her back and ankle.

Moira – she is a lapsed Christian, prayed for her to be free of her addiction problems.

John & TP – Prayed for them for salvation.

Marcus – Has osteoarthritis in back, prayed for him.

Abdul – Prayed for him.

Dave – He has brain injury issues, prayed for him.

Pat – Prayed a blessing on her 60 years of marriage.

Philip – prayed for him to feel younger.

Mary – living rough, an alcoholic – prayed for her to keep safe.

Jenny (Asian) – Gave her life to Jesus.

Natalie – Prayed for her health.

Stuart – Is looking for a job and has money issues and has had a stroke, Prayed him and a job.

Jacquie – Has cancer, prayed for healing.

Theresa – Prayed for her daughter and husband to unite.

Norma – Prayed for bodily wellbeing and for her son to look for a job.

Sunny and Audrey – Prayed for their family holiday to go well.

Becky – Prayed for her anger management.

Malena – Has a sickle cell problem, prayed for her.

Jon Paul – has back damage and pins & needles, Prayed for him.

Russell – Has hip and lower leg pain, prayed for him.

McKenzie – Prayed for his knee.

Ivano – he is on drugs, his family are Christians, prayed for him

Angelique (Latvia) – Prayed for a job.

Paul – Prayed a blessing on his family.

Collin – He has bipolar, prayed for him.

Julie – Prayed for a reassessment of her mental health.

Shola – Has osteoarthritis in her hips, prayed for her.

George – Prayed for a blessing on him.

Salvo – Prayed for his car to be repaired.

Muslim man – Prayed for revelation that he would know Jesus as Son of God.

Innocent & family – Prayed for health to be restored.

Jasper – Prayed for their health, having just left hospital.

Eric – Prayed for healing and that he gains weight.

Chris – Has arthritis and pain as a result of a riding accident, prayed for healing.

Claire & twin boys – Asking for the Lord to come into her heart.

Jonathan – Having served time, prayed for him.

Kelly 24yrs old – prayed for him to find time to go to Church and find God, His Creator.  Initial seeds planted in him at Sunday school.

Girl from Brazil – Taking a test, prayed for her.

Andrai (Romania) – prayed for his health and family.

Barbara – just diagnosed with cancer – prayed for her

Mobe – Prayed for his feet and heart

Janis (Romanian Theological student) – Prayed for him to be born again and have a personal experience of Jesus

Lorraine – Has arthritis in knees and legs, she had 3 strokes, prayed for her

Joe – Prayed for his depression

Paula – She attends an investigation in hospital for cancer, prayed for her.

Maddie Angelt (Latvia) – Prayed for her finances and her further education.

Adoo’Joy (Ghana) – Prayed for work and for his family to come and join him.

Peter (elderly Catholic) – He is full of unforgiveness, prayed he’d get to the point he can forgive.

Nancy – Prayed for a blessing.

Maria – she is diabetic, prayed for her an outpouring of His love for her.

Anna – A Young lady with varied religious experiences, prayed that Jesus touches her life and draws her to Himself.

John – He has arthritis due to Rugby injury, prayed for him.

Mavis – Prayed for her sister’s funeral.

Jimmy – Has Alzheimer’s, prayed for him.

Diana – Prayed for her shakes.

Tim, his wife and child – Prayed for a blessing on them.

Russell – He is retired farmer with back problems, prayed for him.

Philip – He is angry with God but accepted prayer.

Graham (Romanian) – Prayed for a job.

A Drug Addict – his friend had died taking a legal high, prayed for him.

Ron – Has a bit of dementia, prayed for blessing and reassurance.

Jane & Family – She is stressed about hip operation, prayed for peace.