Sharing God’s Love
On the Streets of Northampton

Welcome to Healing on the Streets Northampton


Have you been prayed for in town? We would love to hear from you, and hear your story if you have ‘received healing’. We can also point you in the direction of further support.


1st, 2nd & 3rd Saturday of each month and 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month. Meet us by the fountain on the Market Square and we would love to pray with you. 


There is a church near you that is ready to welcome you and help you discover more about the God who heals, restores and gives you fresh life. All you need to do is enter your post code.


As many Churches would say, We used to pray for NO ONE and no one was healed.  Now we pray for ALL who ask, and some people are instantly healed, some progressively.  Our hope is that everyone leaves feeling blessed.

Some Of The Many People We Have Prayed For

1. Bulgarian Lady with many questions in her heart - needs to meet Jesus on a personal level and find Him answering her questions and longings. 2.  God shows up! - Thursday, 1st March 2018: It was snowing and bitterly cold. I had to turn up just in case a minister...

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People Who Are Receiving Prayer

1. Jean - Has a broken heart, we prayed for her. 2. Louise - Wants more of God's love, she was prayed for. 3. Henry and his wife - Prayed for a blessing from God in their lives. 4. David - His faith has slipped so we prayed for a return to his faith and love for...

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Prayer Answered – Healing Received

2016 - 2019 1.  Jacketa - Gave her life to Jesus. She prayed that He would come into her life and she would follow Him. 2. Helen - Prayed for healing as she has pain all over her body. 3.  Young lady - Asked for prayer for her brother.  As we prayed she was filled...

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We are by the water fountain on Northampton Market Square. 

Receive Prayer

We’re by the water fountain on Northampton Market Square.